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Central Florida portrait photographer, matcha enthusiast, and strong believer in capturing the small, in-between moments that make life meaningful.

Meet Kate

Why hello, friend, and welcome to the blog! I’m oh so happy you stopped by 🥰

While this blog may be brand new, blogging itself is definitely NOT a brand new concept around here! Once upon a time, I was in the habit of blogging each and every one of my sessions. I kept up with this for several years, and while I certainly may have been inconsistent with my posting schedule at times, I was fairly religious about keeping the blog updated overall. At some point around mid-2019, though, I completely fell out of rhythm with blogging and never truly came back. When I redid my website in early 2021 (and launched the lovely site you see right here 😉), I decided not to transfer any old blog posts and to start entirely over instead.

Why?? Well, a long list of reasons, really. Most importantly, my previous blog was not formatted particularly well, and it would’ve taken more time to go back and fix my past mistakes than it would to simply start fresh. At some point in the future, I may very well go back and blog some older sessions just to have them around here. But for now, starting over felt like the right decision.

So here we are—post number one. Even though I’ve been blogging for 5+ years, this really does feel like an entirely fresh start. And what better way to kick off a new blog than with a little introduction? So go ahead and keep on scrolling to learn 5 (fairly random) facts about me, the gal behind the business!

1. I graduated from Rollins College with a BA in Business Management and a concentration Marketing.

I opened this little biz when I was a mere sophomore in high school, and I went off to college with a plan to study Business in order to learn how to best operate my own. The original plan was actually to go all the way through grad school to get my Masters in Business Administration, but I decided (at the total last minute) that I was much better suited to work full time than to continue on through more traditional schooling after my four years of undergrad. So here I am now! Putting that degree to good use and running my biz full time, which is quite literally my life’s dream come true. I don’t think I could possibly be more grateful for the blessing it was to go to such a wonderful school and to come out of it prepared to follow my dreams. I’m still pinching myself that this is my life!

2. I am *obsessed* with the Enneagram.

I’m honestly not big on most personality tests, and I really couldn’t care less about astrology (sorry!). But the Enneagram? Y’all, I can’t get enough of it. Instead of telling you how you behave, it tells you why you behave the way you do—what your core motivations & fears are, and how your daily life is affected by them. With a system like that, you’re able to better understand your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, and use that self-awareness to make intentional decisions toward personal growth. It’s really more as a growth tool than a personality test. And, as someone who is ALL about constantly improving yourself, I love it so so much.

I’m personally a type 1 wing 2, and if you know about the Enneagram, that tells you pretty much all there is to know about me. If you don’t know much about it, I highly recommend looking into it! And let me know if you do, because I could talk about it allllll day long 🤩

3. An unpopular opinion? I’ll take tea over coffee.

I’ve pretty much always preferred tea; when I was younger, I was genuinely grossed out by the taste of coffee. I forced myself to like it in college (and quickly developed a caffeine addiction, drinking roughly 2 venti Starbucks cold brews a day…yikes) because of how exhausted the long days of studying left me. More recently, though, I’ve been far too sensitive to caffeine to handle even one cup of coffee. Seriously! Any more than about half a cup gives me awful jitters, an erratic heartbeat, and heightened anxiety. So I’m back to tea! Matcha lattes are a necessity to get me through the day, and a nice iced jasmine tea is my favorite refreshing treat.

4. I also prefer sunrises over sunsets.

They’re both incredibly beautiful times of day, don’t get me wrong! But sunrise truly has my heart. (I mean, look at that photo above and tell me that isn’t the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen?!?) There’s something about that quiet hour before most of the world is awake, where everything is soft and calm and all of life feels just a bit gentler. I feel the most grounded and centered on the days where I get to watch the sun rise, especially if I’m sitting on a lake or beach.

I also strongly prefer sunrise over sunset for session times…but I’ll save that whole spiel for a different blog post 😉

5. I have the heart (and mindset) of a student.

A whole lot of my success thus far can be attributed to this little fun fact right here! I absolutely love to learn, and dedicate most of my free time to taking courses, listening to podcasts, or reading books that will help me grow and a person, photographer, and/or a business owner. Even though I’m done with traditional school (at least for now), I still consider myself a student at heart—classes just look a bit different these days 😉

For any photog friends who might be wondering, some of the most impactful biz courses I’ve taken include: the AJ Posing Course from Amy & Jordan Demos, the Senior Business Course from Hope Taylor, and the Brand Strategy School from Bonnie Bakhtiari. These three have been absolute GAME CHANGERS for me and my business!

Well, there ya have it, friends. A small variety of facts about me. Want to get to know me & my business even better? Head on over to the About page—I’ve got all sorts of fun facts for you there! And keep your eye on this blog for lots of new content on a (hopefully) regular basis. I can’t wait to meet y’all here again soon ♥️

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