When I’m not behind the camera (or behind the computer, handling all the backend biz things), you can most often find me working part-time my family's startup, sipping an iced matcha, & daydreaming about laying on the beach :)

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I'm a Central Florida portrait photographer who believes deeply in slowing down. I believe that the most meaningful parts of our lives are lived in the in-between moments—soft touches, shared laughs, simply being instead of always doing. While our world tells us to never stop moving, I believe in slowing down and soaking in those sweet moments while we have them. And as a photographer, I believe in capturing those meaning-filled moments that make us who we truly are, giving you something tangible that allows you to hold onto those sweet memories, even as time carries on and seasons of life change.

My mission as your photographer is to make your life easier, to make your experience as simple & stress-free as possible. By thoughtfully guiding you through every step of the process, I make sure that all you have to focus on is showing up and giving yourself permission to slow down & have some fun. Because your life & love deserve to be celebrated & remembered for exactly what they are today.

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