Patty & Delilah | Portraits

Just over a month ago, I moved home for the summer, and while I LOVE being at home (my family, two cats, home-cooked meals, laundry machines that actually work… what could be better?), I’m definitely starting to miss my friends, including these lovely ladies! The three of us had been planning a shoot together for literally months before we finally pulled it off, but y’all, it was SO worth the wait.

I am so grateful for these sweet friends, and for Patty’s boyfriend (he was only in town for one weekend, and he spent nearly half that time following us around while we took pictures… Boyfriend of the Year, or what?). This shoot was oh-so lovely, and truly, my only regret was not bringing bug spray (got bitten more than 60 times this night… but it was still worth it ;) ).