Molly | Class of 2017

In sixth grade, there were 8 kids in my math class. Eight. Molly was one of them. And the best part? She had no idea I was in that class. Yep. There were only 7 people beside her, and she couldn’t remember that I was one of them. Wouldn’t that make you feel so loved?

There are hundreds of other stories like that that I could tell about Molly, and that’s not an exaggeration at all. After roughly six years of best friendship (even though she didn’t remember me at first), there are a lot of stories to tell.

One of the scariest parts of being a senior in high school (for me, at least) is knowing that I’ll soon be separated from all my closest friends. With Molly and I though, we don’t have those worries at all. We’ll both be attending Rollins College next year and are both SO excited about it. She’ll be on the women’s soccer team, and I truly cannot wait to see this girl shine.

We felt it was only appropriate to take her senior photos at our future alma mater, and goodness I’m pleased with how they turned out. I mean, c’mon, look how cute she is! We spent almost the entire session laughing and getting even more excited to live on this beautiful campus (seriously, it’s stunning), and it was absolutely lovely.

And to my dear Molly, thank you for six lovely years of friendship. Here’s to four more years of absolutely killin’ it. Love always! xox, Kate