Elizabeth | Class of 2018

Alright y’all, there’s a sappy, emotional post ahead. You’ve been warned.

This girl has been in my life for years now, and I cannot believe she’s graduating high school! From middle school homeroom to 10-20 hours of dance classes every week (and looong competition weekends), Elizabeth and I saw a lot of each other throughout our early-teen years, and she truly became like a little sister to me. We did all the basic teenager stuff together, from Taylor Swift concerts to late nights gossiping about our crushes. And now she’s gonna be a GATOR!! My little baby is all grown up :’)

Four years ago, I used Elizabeth as a model for one of my first “real” photo shoots. It was a free, just-for-fun kind of thing that we did in Winter Park so I could start advertising for senior portraits (I had never done those before. Crazy right?). And here we are, four years later, back in Winter Park for her REAL senior portraits. At the time, I had no idea my business would look like it does today. I’m so grateful for how much I’ve grown & for all the people that have helped me get where I am today. I’m also really grateful this girl & her sweet family is still in my life; they really are some of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet, and I’m blessed to have known them for so long.

Elizabeth, I am SO proud of you & all you’ve become. Growing up with you was the best, but this was only the beginning! I cannot wait to see where this life takes you, my darling. Go Gators!  ;)