December | Disney Days 2016 | Part 1

No, my goal of going to Disney once a month and taking pictures has not failed. I’ve done it. I just haven’t blogged any of it since September… (yikes)

I had good reasons, I swear! October did not go as planned, and just about none of the photos were usable. November only yielded one good photo, which is not nearly enough for a blog post.

So here we are, my December Disney Day.

The park was intensely crowded the night my mom and I went, and we simply do not do crowds. So we sat in front of the castle for half an hour before watching the stage show (which has its own post!), then took about 90 minutes to wait for and eat our dinner, then sat at the top of the train station for two. entire. hours. waiting for the fireworks. Yes, two full hours. And honestly, it was one of the most fun Disney trips I’ve ever had. Everything was so beautiful, and it was really nice to step back from the theme park madness and take it all in, eat a candy apple, and chat with my mom. Plus, I think these photos were worth the wait 

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